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Love recording sessions and other oddities. Below I have copied Torben Skott's excellent notes on the CD, which give a good overview of all the songs and where they originated and appeared etc.

For obvious copyright reasons, I can't post the full outtakes and I can't copy them for anyone, so please don't ask. That's what Ebay is for!

I've just selected some of the more interesting clips for you to hear, studio banter etc.



From Torben's Love bootlegs page:

Deep Six 35 - CD

1. Signed D.C. (2:41) 2 track demo; recorded January 26, 1966
2. 7+7 Is (1:59) take 69 1/2; recorded June 20, 1966
3. 7+7 Is (0:39) take 77
4. 7+7 Is (4:51) take 79/80
5. 7+7 Is (0.56) take 81
6. 7+7 Is (1:14) take 83
7. 7+7 Is (1:42) take 87
8. 7+7 Is (1:50) take 88
9. And More (2:56) recorded January 24, 1966
10. Can't Explain (2:40) recorded January 24, 1966
11. No Matter What You Do (2:57) Take 5; recorded January 24, 1966
12. Gazing (2:51) Take 12; recorded January 24, 1966
13. My Little Red Book (2:48) Take 1; recorded January 25, 1966
14. Colored Balls Falling (2:09) recorded January 25, 1966
15. You I'll Be Following (2:24) recorded January 25, 1966
16. Hummingbirds (2:31) recorded June 20, 1966
17. Just For You aka "Your Mind And We Belong Together" (0:47) Take 23; recorded January 30, 1968
18. Just For You aka "Your Mind And We Belong Together" (4:41) Take 25
19. Just For You aka "Your Mind And We Belong Together" (1:40) Take 42
20. Just For You aka "Your Mind And We Belong Together" (4:28) Take 44 finished vocal track
21. Hey Joe (2:40) recorded January 26, 1966
22. Message to Pretty (3:21) Live 1966
23. My Little Red Book (2:47) Live 1966
24. No. Fourteen (1:59) recorded January 26,1966
25. Wonder People (3:19) unreleased song; recorded September 25, 1967
26. A House Is Not A Motel (3:27) Alternate mix; recorded September 10, 1967
27. You Set the Scene (6:51) Alternate mix; recorded August 12, 1967
28. The Red telephone (4:34) Alternate mix; recorded September 25, 1967

Tracks 2-19,21,24 are only the instrumental backing tracks - no vocals. Some are longer than the lp versions, some may be different, some have take introductions. very little studio banter is included (there's more of that on the new Forever Changes remaster).

Track 1 is Arthur alone - beautiful!
Track 17-19 Some of this is reproduced on the new FC remaster.
Track 20 has a 2 vocal tracks from Arthur and the solo continues til it sputters out.
Track 22-23 are taken from the Dick Clark's American Bandstand appearance - which is rather stupid since they lip-sync. Thus just the studio recordings. Hiss
Track 25-28 - There is slight hiss. They are shorter timewise than the released versions by a few seconds - I believe this is due to the source tape being slightly quicker.
Track 16 same as FC remaster except you can hear Arthur lightly sing a verse at the beginning. No intro and outro studio banter.
Track 25 same as FC remaster
Track 26 end solo lasts a little longer, mix not discernably different
Track 27 Alt. mix same as FC remaster Alt. mix
Track 28 No discernable difference, cuts off earlier

Overall comment:except for the hiss on tracks 22-23,25-28 - excellent sound.

Cd is a 24kt Gold cd produced and distibuted by Gold Standard. Gives a copyright of 2000. This may explain the appearance of tracks that have appeared on the recently released Forever Changes remaster.This CD has only just surfaced though. Includes a 16 page well illustrated booklet which plagirizes material from Mojo magazine, the Love Story book, and Love Story 2cd booklet. Includes lyrics - I guess one can sing along in kareoke fashion as one listens to the primarily instrumental tracks. A nice collection but not one of the holy grails of love-dom - like a Gethsemane acetate, the rumored 68 Whisky A-Go-Go soundboard, or even the live lp recorded by Blue Thumb.

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