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The Castle is a limited edition of 500 issues per volume. It's A4 X 100 pages: 2-colour card covers, spiral bound. Detailed flyers are available describing each issue in depth. (Send SAE or IRC). Each volume has a theme, thus:
Castle 1 features Arthur's triumphant '92 visit to the U.K. & "Gethsemane" - the unreleased fourth Elektra album;
Castle 2 looks at Love live U.S.A. '66-70 & the first U.K. tour of 1970;
Castle 3 contains an exclusive interview with Ken Forssi & the Love Four Sail, Out Here & False Start albums;
Castle 4 is the Love, Da Capo & Forever Changes special;
Castle 5 looks at Arthur's solo Vindicator period plus the Black Beauty album & compilations;
Castle 6 is a special collectors edition featuring Arthur's comeback years '93-94;
Castle 7 examines Reel To Real & the second & third U.K. tours of '74-75;
Castle 8 looks at the Love reunion of'78 & is a Bryan MacLean special - also examining the Love Story box set;
Castle 9 is the early issue with super rare pictures of the original Love live!;
Castle 10 continues the archival theme - Love '65 to '70 & Love Story in depth;
Castle 11 is the incarceration issue but also takes a look at the Euro tour of '96;
Castle 12 is the lost decade issue ('82-89) & Castle 13 is the appeals issue coupled with a rare Bryan MacLean interview, Elektra sessionography details on the first 3 classic albums, And More!
From Castle 14 onwards the Castle has changed it's format! New, improved pictures on high quality art paper over 52 pages.
Castle 14 celebrates the release of Bryan MacLean's ifyoubelievein - his first "new" music for 30 years! Also included are interviews with Arthur, Bryan & Jac Holzman etc;
Castle 15 brings together rare articles & photographs, more on Bryan MacLean's CD & an update on Arthur's situation;
Castle 16 features the story of Bryan MacLean's audition for the Monkees! And more!;
Castle 17 is the commemorative issue for Bryan MacLean, after his death in December 1998;
Castle 18 has seven striking photos of Arthur & Johnny taken by Bryan in 1967 adorning the cover & middle pages! A fresh look at the '74 & '75 tours; An interview with Bryan from Psychedelic Psounds in 1993; Rare photos of Arthur; An article on the making of 'Forever Changes' And More!;
Castle 19 features Shack Accompany Arthur Lee: Live At The Academy, Liverpool, May 1992 CD with sleeve notes by Arthur! plus reviews of Robert Plant's Priory Of Brion playing Love tracks live, articles on Out There/Here and very rare photos of Arthur, Ken Forssi & Michael Stuart taken by Bryan in 1967, And more!!!

Please note Castles 1,2,4 & 14 all original copies have long since sold out but photocopied editions are available at the same price in order that you can complete your collection & not miss out on any rare material.

David Housden


Castles 1 to 19 are all available now at £5 per volume (UK); £6 or $11 (EURO); £6.75 or $12 (US); £8 or $14 (ROW) or subcribe to the next three volumes: £15 (UK); £18 or $30 (EURO); £20.25 or $34 (US); £24 or $40 (ROW) (Airmail Prices)

Remember no dollar cheques please! Dollars in cash perfectly acceptable! All cheques or postal orders must be in UK sterling, made payable to David P. Housden please.

David Peter Housden
"The Castle"
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