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This section features scans of magazine & newspaper articles. The whole section was lost when the server died 3 years ago and so I'll add scans of the articles I have but if anyone has anything they want to add, please email it to me and I'll post it here, be it reviews, articles, obituaries or anything connected to Bryan & Love.

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David Housden started the Love fanzine The Castle way back in the early 90s, and for a long long time, it was the only source of info on a much over-looked band. Remember, this was at a time before the internet, remastered & expanded CD releases and the main stream avoided the past like the plague. I very much believe that David is very important in keeping the bands name known during the very lean years before Bryan's Sundazed releases and Arthur's late surge back into the live circuit and hip festival scene.

The Castle is never less than interesting and is a great source for interviews and stories about the band. Click the link on the right to get more information on the issues and ordering information.



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Mojo March 2001 FC review



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